Monday, November 21, 2022

THE KENTUCKYS Rumba Bar demos part 1


There’s always been the talk of a Kentuckys LP to have been planned in 1966, after the mad “The Old Hangman Is Dead” single, but it did not materialize. Yet the band was recorded on stage in Munich in a club, most probably the Rumba Bar, on Goethestraße in 1965. It’s obviously the repertoire of a Punk-styled Beat band.

The recordings don’t hold any surprises …it’s genuine Garage Rock, yet it lacks original compositions equal to “Stupid Generation” and “The Old Hangman Is Dead”. Some people said they had it in them, but as you know, bands that worked from 7 o’clock to 1 o’clock in the morning, even longer hours on weekends, for month after month after month, didn’t have the leisure and the discipline to come up with original material. There was enough pressure on them to rehearse new songs to be added to their repertoire to keep the customers satisfied. And the punters were satisfied. Songs like “You Better Move On” or “Skinny Minnie” must have been performed a million times on German pub and club stages.

Those monthly treadmills in Germany ruined a lot of bands’ prospects. Here some of the covers receive real outstanding interpretations and are stretched beyond their original length. And… there’s an early group composition as the icing on the cake.

This is the “real” Kentuckys’ line-up with Bernd “Rocky” Zindars on drums, Peter Paul Frohn, lead guitar, Manfred Weiler, rhythm guitar, Bernd Weiler, organ, and Peter Zadina on bass.

Somebody stupid added applause to the tape, so occasionally destroying the intro or the outro …I know who did it. But these are from the tape with the highest quality.

If you are interested in seeing the Kentuckys playing live, their performance on “Beat Beat Beat” is on YouTube. These are the links:

The Kentuckys live on TV – Introduction by Malcolm Ronald “Mal” Sondock:

The Kentuckys live on TV – 5$ And A Saturday Night:

The Kentuckys live on TV – The Old Hangman Is Dead:

The Kentuckys live on TV – Hi-Heel Sneakers:

The Kentuckys live on TV – Uncle Willy:b


01 THE KENTUCKYS – Beautiful Delilah (demo)

02 THE KENTUCKYS – Every Day (group composition) (demo)

03 THE KENTUCKYS – Bad Bad Baby [Dr Feelgood] (demo)

04 THE KENTUCKYS – Little Red Rooster (demo)

05 THE KENTUCKYS – She’s A Woman (demo)

06 THE KENTUCKYS – Cadillac (demo)

07 THE KENTUCKYS – If You Need Me (demo)

08 THE KENTUCKYS – Needles And Pins (demo)

09 THE KENTUCKYS – Stupidity (demo)

10 THE KENTUCKYS – Red River Rock (demo)

Nederbeat 7 – Dutch Dabhands


The Netherlands used to be a very liberal country, and as German boys who on home turf got called names for wearing the hair long and eccentric clothes, the Netherlands was like paradise for us. No hassle, no insults, just a lot of like-minded youngsters.

“Broodje met tartar”, was my favourite food whenever I was there. And musically the Netherlands were like paradise, too, then! Comparing the population figures and the number of outstanding bands, there was no equal in the 60s. The bands wore their hair long and dressed in style, and they had their music speaking for them. So many outstanding tunes, and most of them band compositions and in regards to (the English) lyrics mostly up to their UK or US competitors.  And unique cover versions – just listen to The Riats’ “St. James Infirmary”.

Here's another slab of Nederbeat. Give it a place in your heart.

I’ve got some more Nederbeat doubles in store for you. Just wait!


Nederbeat 7 – Dutch Dabhands - part 1


02 BOUDEWIJN DE GROOT - Ken je dat land

03 SOFTS - Paarse broek

04 Á B & C - Vies

05 THE TRIFFITS - Monkey Business


07 SANDY COAST - Subject Of My Thoughts  

08 THE JETS - I Was So Glad

09 THE NAMELESS - Love Time

10 THE HAIGS - Never Die

11 JOHN "KING SIZE" RUSSELL - One Plus One Makes Two

12 THE RIATS - St. James Infirmary

13 ARMAND - Bin ik te min

14 ZEN - Please Accept My Invitation

15 AFTER TEA - Don't Waste Your Love On Me

16 BOJOURA - It's Everybody's Day

17 AFTER TEA - Sound Of A Backstreet                

18 THE HONEST MEN - In My Room


20 CUBY & THE BLIZZARDS - L.s.d. (Got A Million Dollars)


Nederbeat 7 – Dutch Dabhands part 2

01 CUBY & THE BLIZZARDS - Your Body, Not Your Soul

02 BRAINBOX - Dark Rose

03 EARTH & FIRE - Wild And Exciting

04 THE MOTIONS - Make It Legal

05 BOO AND THE BOO BOO'S - Oriental Boo

06 THE TYKES - Rosalee

07 CHUBBY CHECKER with ZZ & THE MASKS - Stoppin' In Las Vegas

08 DE MASKERS - Brand New Cadillac (live)

09 THE HUNTERS with Peggy March - Too Long Away

10 THE MOKUM BEAT FIVE - Trouw nooit

11 THE LAZY BONES - Big Boss Man

12 PENNY WISE - Lily Come Near Me

13 SHORT '66 - Good Weekend

14 THE INCREDIBLE - Upstairs Downstairs  

15 ROEK'S FAMILY - Get Yourself A Ticket

16 RO-D-YS - You Better Take Care Of Yourself


18 Q65 - Cry In The Night

19 JOHNNY PEPPER - Messin' With The Kid

20 DE MASKERS - Out Of Sight (live)